Wednesday, November 21, 2012

last day of school for the momma

Today is my last official day of nursing school.  How is that possible?

What a wild ride.

We have the final today, then I start preceptorship on Friday.  I'll be doing that in a Labor & Delivery unit at Good Sam Hospital, I believe, if all goes as planned.  That goes a couple of weeks.  Then I have graduation on December 14th.  The week after we have a Review class to help prepare us for the NCLEX (state boards) which we then take in January or February...

So, far from over, but this chapter at least will come to a close in just a few hours!  What a blessing getting to know this fun group of people over the past two years.  What an accomplishment.  What a stress and what a headache and how far we have come!

Dan's doing well in his block as well.  He has his final next week and then will start Block 2 in January.  No rest for the nursing students!

I'm so thankful we've been able to do this and stay sane.  I'm also thankful for my kids picking up slack around the house, learning new chores (not altogether willingly, but still...) and spending a few hours here and there parentless when schedules crossed and conflicted.  This would have been so much harder with younger kids.  Again, I'm blessed.

Thankful for supportive family and friends who encouraged me along and helped make it as easy as possible.  This has been a fantastic/terrible journey!

When I know more details about my graduation, I will post, and all friends and family are invited.  :)


Lisa @ Fern Creek Cottage said...

That is exciting news. I'm sure there are times when it seemed like you would be in school forever. Congratualtions on finishing!!

laurie said...

wow! what a great feeling this accomplish must be. that's a lot to be thankful for on the eve of the holiday. :-)

jinxi~ aka angi said...

Im so proud of you!!! Congratulations on the hard work!
Enjoy your preceptorship!