Friday, December 14, 2012

a train and the temple, or: december, up to this point

Our ward Christmas party was a pajama-clad breakfast this year, a bountiful feast featuring 4 separate tables full of goodies.  Literally so much food that as I stood in front of the dessert table, I was a bit slack-jawed at the choices and how on earth I was going to pick.  (Dan, incidentally, had literally 6 plates of food.  I am not even exaggerating.  He started off with 4 and went back for 2 more plates of seconds.  Craziness.)

 IMG_9854 So the food was awesome, the program was sweet, but I have to say the hit of the morning was the train Brother Lucero made--from scratch, from cardboard boxes.

  IMG_9856This thing was AMAZING.  The kids were in awe from the second it made it's way into the cultural hall. The front even had a light that worked.

I know, right?!


Sunday night we joined Dan's side of the family at the temple to see the Christmas lights.  Always an awesome experience!

IMG_9867 IMG_9876 IMG_9884

I love that building.  It's where I got married.  And it was this time of year that we were engaged, so it was a lovely tradition of ours to visit the temple lights every Sunday evening during that year.

IMG_9880 IMG_9881 IMG_9882 IMG_9883

Afterwards we ate cookies and drank hot chocolate in the parking lot.  I think that was the best part!  It's nice having some family close enough to do things like this with.

FYI the Mesa temple lights are on every evening through New Year's I believe.  There is no cost, you just show up and walk around as you please.  There is usually a performance at 6:30 or 7 each night on the north lawn, seating is first come first serve.  Inside the visitor's center are several lovely displays of nativities from around the world, the 5 minute presentation of Luke II, and the message at the Christus statue.  It's worth an evening to feel the reverence and special spirit on the temple grounds.  And it's dang pretty, too.  :)


Jennifer ♥ said...

Preston would LOVE that train - he is 'choo-choo' obsessed right now!

laurie said...

that train is awesome! i wish i would have thought of something like that for our school polar express evening. i would love to see the lights at the temple you show in these photos - bright but oh so peaceful looking.

Anonymous said...

We've been twice this year so far and love it. I always love to look at the Christmas nativities. This year my favorite new one was the one made with the book pages, right near the front of the room.