Thursday, December 13, 2012

november odds and ends i found on my camera

Every time I go to unload my camera, I find about 20-30 photos of Tallie that the kids have taken.  (never mind the fact that the children are not supposed to be handling $600+ worth of merchandise. . .)  But it is a testament to how much we all love her.  :)


For whatever reason, Tallie's favorite place to hang out is on TOP of her carrier.  We found her out there soaking up the sun, often, but I think the main reason she does it is because it gives her an eye-level view of the kitchen and us while we eat at the table!


We still love her like crazy.


Our van turned 12 years and 200,000 miles old last month.  If it could only last another 2 years, all would be well.  Amazingly, we've only really had to put work into it once (catalytic converter a couple of years ago), otherwise, just regular maintenance. 

IMG_9774Ethan and the entire 3rd grade class put on a poetry recital for Thanksgiving.  All the poems were memorized and his group's was by far the longest.  They did a great job.


And here's his cute teacher!

 IMG_9829 Thanksgiving was low-key and just the five of us, which was perfect this time around.  I made a raspberry tiramasu that was unbelievably delicious.  I was completely full and still had two portions, I couldn't help myself!

IMG_9839 IMG_9841 IMG_9842 IMG_9849

It was a good day.  And with finishing school, it was a good month!  :)

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Anonymous said...

200,000? Congrats! You can't beat a Honda. Hope our hail damaged "V" can last that long. It's a great kid mobile. Of course nothing beats the thrill of the SRT8.