Wednesday, December 19, 2012

sean's band concert

This is Sean's 8th grade year, meaning he's now played in band 4 years.  The stinker never practices at home and still does flawlessly at performances and at school, earning himself the 1st chair spot as well as nomination for State Band 3 years in a row.
At least 3 years running he's done duets with Carissa (who, I don't mind telling him) I hope he grows up and marries some day because she is just so darn cute and likeable and full of personality.  They are just two peas in a pod these two.
IMG_9963 She, however, wasn't feeling very good this time around and their duet was full of mistakes, but it was still entertaining because she would mess up, he would smile or laugh, which would set her off, and then they'd both make funny faces as they tried to get through the rest of the song.  I turned back to her mom at one point and we mouthed "Oh My Gosh!!" at each other, just laughing.
Otherwise, they both did perfectly at their parts.  The 8th grade band is full of talented kids and Sean has especially loved being a part of it for several years under the direction of Mrs. Bastian.
The following video is their best of the night.  I was in a really bad spot for videoing--even though I got there well over an hour early and was in the front row, blah-blah-blah, non-interesting story-- Sean happened to be sitting just to the left of Mrs. Bastian and I just couldn't see him very well.  Anyway.  Here's the video.

Great job you guys and Sean, we are super proud of you!

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laurie said...

they would be such a cute couple! :-) i'm glad the concert went well. he looks dashingly handsome with that red tie.