Thursday, December 20, 2012

my graduation and pinning

August 2008 I decided to go back to school.  4 1/2 years later, here I am graduating as a nurse and receiving my pin.

What an awesome adventure this has been, and I'm pretty sure it's safe to say, the adventure is just starting!


I was very surprised and pleased to receive the award of Clinical Excellence. 1214121721a 

IMG_2859Reading our Nurse's Oath and the symbolic lighting of the lamp (a la Florence Nightingale)

     IMG_2869  IMG_2870

IMG_2873My parents were sweet enough to surprise me with a visit! IMG_2872 IMG_2875

And thanks to Connie, Ben & Jenna, and other friends for coming and supporting me!  It was such a great night (after a pretty horrible day watching the news and the goings on in Connecticut) but ended up just perfect.

Dream come true!


wittygal said...

Yeah! You are an amazing women.

Anonymous said...

Very cool, congrats sis!


jinxi~ aka angi said...

I am so very proud of you! Well deserved honors as well! Best wishes in all your endeavors! :O)

Torrie said...