Wednesday, March 13, 2013

spring breakin'

Spring break is upon us and with it some lovely Spring cleaning!

I'm not kidding, I dumped half of Cameron's room.  That boy can collect junk faster than any other.  I'm afraid he may be a hoarder when he grows up!  One time, I walked into his room to find another complete disaster.  He saw my look of disgust and quickly pre-empted me by saying, "I know, my room's a mess, how do I live like this, blah blah blah, I'll clean it up."  I had to laugh.

Well now, pretty much all he owns is legos, some books, and some art stuff.  Everything else has been donated, tossed, put up for sale, or otherwise repositioned!

I borrowed a steamer from a friend and finally got rid of the peeling adhesive wallpaper border that has scarred the walls in his and Ethan's room since 2004.  Yes, seriously.  I think it only looked nice for about a month before kids started peeling it off, and I didn't have the energy or drive to fix it!  Well I took care of that, and yesterday I painted the whole thing, two coats, around the big ol' bunk bed.  It was awkward and I wasn't cute.  I'm lucky I didn't fall, to tell you the truth, squeezing and hefting myself into positions to tape and paint and cut in corners.  But I have to say, it looks marvelous now.  I'll show you a picture, but really, it's just white paint, not a makeover per say.

Look at that awful wallpaper adhesive.  9 years!!!  Why the heck did I live with that so long?  Cameron is in love with his room now, and I am considering putting a large area rug between the dresser and bed (sorry this isn't the best camera angle, but you get the gyst) and I haven't decided yet if I'm going to put the shelves back up.  If we're gonna sell this year, probably the fewer holes and cleaner-looking the better, right?  So I'm not really gonna decorate it either.  Keep it simple--that's best in order for Cameron to keep it clean!

Cameron earned his Arrow of Light at Cub Scouts last night.  That is the highest award a Cub Scout can earn, so yay Cameron!  The ceremony was a little lacking as 75% of our leaders, boys, and families were out of town for Spring Break and the face paint and fake candles were locked in a cupboard no one had a key for (ha), so he was a little disappointed, but they said they might bring him back in a couple of months to honor him the right way.  He'll likely forget by then.

On a side note, can you tell my neck and face are a bit pink?  (and that's with powder makeup).  That's 9 minutes in the tanning bed, folks!  9!  When I came out I joked "am I tan yet?" because there was obviously no change.  Then, progressively, as I went through the day, I got pinker and pinker.  Crazy.

Ethan is at my parents' for the week, so things have been relatively quiet with the boys.  Cameron has had friends over all day every day (and although I sometimes wonder about these kids who never go home with hardly a phone call check-in  for 12 hours, I'm glad they're all here where I can see them and monitor what is going on), so that's kept him happy.  Sean's friends are mostly out of town for the week, so he's stayed close to home too.  I've painted and ate my weight in butterscotch cookies, done a bunch of zumba (iced my knee after swelling from a bunch of zumba), and worked on my class.  The first 5 week class is almost done already, and although I hate writing papers, I have to admit it's a piece of cake class.  It'll go fast.

Still hunting for a job.  Have some prospects.  Not getting too down--or at least if I do, it's not that often.

And that's all she wrote!  Hope your Spring Break is going well!


Anonymous said...

Are you guys thinking about moving?


wittygal said...

Man! I have been a big blog poo, I am glad that you keep up. It's always nice to see familiar faces even if they are only looking at you from a screen.