Thursday, April 4, 2013

a word (or 840) of things to come

Oy.  Yikes.  Hi there.

Since I've gone and joined Facebook, what I feared would happen did happen.  I haven't updated the blog as much any more.  I can post pictures and quick stories, funny things my kids do, and short thoughts briefly and without effort over there.  I don't have to wait for the uploading of pictures, I don't have to organize, come up with something cute or quirky to say about everything... in short, I don't have to blog over there.

I want to...I just find reasons not to.

Yes, I am still in school, but that's taking minimal time from my week.  My last paper took me around 4 hours to write, and other than that, maybe an hour or two's worth of time went into preparation and reading. Easy.  The whole thing is pointless, really, and if I didn't need it to help me get and keep a job, I wouldn't be doing it, because I'm learning nothing.  It's all busy work so-to-speak.  Alas, employers want to see that Bachelor's degree in the works!

I have had a total of four interviews since I graduated from school--three Banner and one Abrazo, and I've had some I didn't do too well on and some I feel that I knocked out of the park.  One thing is consistent with them all though:  "we'll contact you some time next week."  They all make me wait.  I'm getting old here, waiting!

Let's see, since I've written last we had Cameron's birthday, Easter, some boy scout stuff, and some housing stuff.  I'll try to get to it all in pictures in the next couple of days, since I'm caught up with school work for the week.

Dan's kicking butt in Block 2 and is around 5-6 weeks from finishing and being officially half-way through nursing school.  He may get a job before I do.  Ha.  (I kid, but it feels that way some times!  He's already being prepped at work for the transition right into a nursing position, so he will have a much easier time of it compared to me.)

I've been able to hang out with friends a bit more as of late which is always soothing to my soul.  I love a good friendly get-together.  I'm even making new friends.  :)  We've been in this ward about a year and a half now and feel very comfortable and at-home.  (just in time for us to start looking at other homes outside of the ward, but that story is for a different day)

In the past two weeks:

  • Ethan has been suspended (twice)
  • I've called the cops on a neighbor
  • We hosted a pirate-themed Murder Mystery birthday party for Cameron
  • I've complained about a different neighbor eleventy-billion times
  • I've gotten much more into The Walking Dead
  • I've applied to probably 50+ jobs
  • We had an Easter at the Park gettogether with friends
  • Sean got on the Principal's List at school
  • Cameron has become an 11-year-old Scout (the interim between Cub Scouts and Boy Scouts)
  • I've attended about a dozen zumba classes
  • I'm afraid I'm doing permanent damage to my knees and ankles because of about a dozen zumba classes
  • I've developed a love affair with Diet Coke
  • ...which coincides nicely with the fact that I keep staying up til near midnight every night
  • I've made a dozen new recipes
  • Dan has worked 10 days straight--if you count a 12-hour clinical day in there last Saturday, today is the last work day before 5 full days off--excepting a 12-hour clinical day this Saturday
I promise I am not all busy busy.  I don't want to be, and I don't take pride in business.  I certainly try to be productive with my time, but there are times when I sit and chill and do absolutely nothing productive.  (see last week when I watched four Walking Dead episodes in a row)  I'm reading, but not often enough to finish many books, and I'm exercising minimum 3 days a week--had to scale back due to the knee problems.  I enjoy a bubble bath every now and then, and sometimes, when someone asks me to do something, I say No.  I've gotten better at that.  I say Yes a plenty, but I don't let guilt push me to overschedule or do things I just don't want to do.  

I have Book Club tonight and am volunteering in Ethan's class tomorrow, then we have a family dinner tomorrow night and General Conference and a Baby Blessing this weekend in Queen Creek, so yeah, it seems plenty busy over here, but like anyone, we have cycles of business.  Those tend to show up on the weekends, which is OK for me.  I know that if when I get a job, I'll look back on these quiet days with longing, so I fully intend to live them up and enjoy them.  

Look for some updates this week, finally.  :)

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