Monday, April 22, 2013

cameron's birthday day off

For his day off school he of course chose a Grand Slam breakfast and a movie day watching The Croods.  (Incidentally, Ethan's birthday is this week and this is really the only kid movie out right now, so I'm afraid we may have to go see it again!) 


Cameron is very excited to now be in boy scouts and has already made significant headway on his first Merit Badge.  This weekend he attended his first Boy Scout campout without Dad and he had a fantastic time.  He said the best part was "staying up until midnight playing capture the flag."


He still loves Legos with a passion and uses them every day when he can.  He is still very messy with them though, so we are trying to be consistent with having him clean up immediately when he leaves a room, or else playing with them on a blanket.  He got the Lego Creationary game from his grandparents for his birthday and he loves it and plays it often with his friends.


He's very into wilderness survival right now.  The only gift he asked from us for his birthday were those camouflage clothes and he wears them every chance he gets, including school.  He even wore them on the campout.  He loves Gary Paulsen survival books and is trying to write a survival story on his own.


He is completely determined to be an architect when he grows up and speaks of this often.  He also occasionally mentions the army.  Ack.


He tried french horn and percussion in band this year and sadly, didn't really mesh with either.  Band probably isn't in his future, neither is singing as at this point, he's totally tone deaf.  But he still sings loudly when he finds a song he likes.  He still hates the sound of whistling, even though he finally learned how to whistle himself this year.


He officially does not believe in the tooth fairy or the Easter Bunny (he was one of our Easter bunnies this year), but he still tentatively believes in Santa.  In his heart, I think he knows the truth, he just doesn't want to admit it just yet, and that's ok.


He is very independent.  When discussing his first campout with the Bishop, he'd asked if Cameron might have any homesickness issues and I had to laugh.  Cameron, of all my kids, can totally entertain himself and occupy himself quite sufficiently.  (Ironically, he's also my child who has the most friends and gets together with them several times a day and usually has a lateover a week)  However, I know that if I dropped Cameron off in the desert with food and water, he'd be totally fine and content to either fend for himself or just sit and entertain himself until I came back.  He is very much like Danny, rough, tough, they even have the same wild curly hair.


He has his definite moments of silliness, but he is growing up, bit by bit.  He's just finishing up 5th grade and I think next year will be even better for him as he continues to mature.  He was in the Gifted program this year and literally ACED some of his benchmarks.  He was so proud of all his hard work on AIMS and how he 'proves' everything in every subject, not just in math.  He's quite analytical and often has questions I simply can't answer.

I love him and his curly hair and freckles to pieces!!  Happy Birthday Cameron, we hope you enjoyed your day off!

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