Tuesday, April 23, 2013

iphone pics

Every now and then I dump the pictures on my phone, or at least put them on my computer and save my favorites.  Here is some randomness for you this morning.


I received this dollar bill in change somewhere.  When I posted it on facebook, a friend showed me how there is an entire website set up about this guy--years ago I guess he did this, when he lived in an apartment and probably doesn't even live in the same place any more, so likely some stranger is receiving the fruits of his labors.  I spent it.  :)


Ethan's awards assembly.  I think he got Honor Roll in this one, bottom row, right next to the teacher.


And Sean at his Awards assembly.


He was on the Principal's list again this quarter, so he got donuts with the Principal.


For National Diabetes Day, a friend encouraged us to do something such as pictured above and post it.  I also painted my nails blue for the occasion as that's the color associated with Diabetes Awareness.


I volunteer just about every week in Ethan's class and last week they had AIMS testing.  I made these posters to encourage the kiddos to do their best work.  I think they came out kinda cute. 


I guess they use this phrase all the time in class to pump themselves up.


General Conference = our Annual Junk Food Day.  That's what's pictured behind the boys in this pic.


My brother blessed his brand new baby in April and on our way back we drove by the new Gilbert Temple being built.  It looks gorgeous.


It was closed to visitors, although certain days and times of the week are open for closer pictures.  This was the best we could do.


Ethan says he's being a librarian when they look over their glasses at students.


Silly kid!


Three silly kids!


At a Relief Society activity last fall, I won the Service of homemade bread once a month for a year.  My friend Michelle has been bringing us the tastiest treats since then and we are loving it!  This month she brought us pineapple upside-down cake.  I won the BEST service!


Cameron's been feeding Tallie at the patio table.  He even makes her wait and helps her to bless her food first.


And here we are standing on our lot. 


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