Tuesday, June 4, 2013

my productive two days off

We bought a queen sized bed and mattress for the guest room in the new house yesterday.  Just seeing it in the garage makes me so happy...makes it seem that much more real!  We ordered nearly $4000 worth of appliances last week too...fridge, washer, and dryer, good stuff that we've been in need of for a while!  It will be delivered to the new house in 3 months.

Today we went by (again) and although on the outside it looks much the same, on the inside, it is looking very much like a house.  All the drywall is up, so there are now individual rooms. So fun.  Exciting!

I just finished my 3rd BSN class.  9 more to go!

Finally cut Cameron's hair.  It looks SOOOO good.  He was very moppish for a while. He looks so much more comfortable now!  :)  (Incidentally, it looked much cuter after I styled it...he's since showered and done nothing with it as of this photo)

Tried watching the Alex Cross movie.  Definitely not for me.  Yuck.  Ruined my image of Matthew Fox from "Lost", not that I was a huge fan, but this character is so different.  And psychopathic.  Ew.

Date night tonight...Dan and I made it out to Macayo's for a yummy late dinner.  I bought these shoes on clearance at Kohl's for the occasion.  (they're actually navy blue)


laurie said...

Buying stuff for your new home must be so exciting!!! Cameron looks very handsome with his haircut and I love your stylish shoes (I always feel too tall to wear wedges like that - I might be expected to dunk a basketball, or something!) :-)

wittygal said...

New home, yahoooo! I am so excited for you. I loved catching up on your blog, I miss you guys.