Friday, July 19, 2013

and over in my corner of the world...


Yeah, I'm still here, still alive, still kicking.

I've gone from hating my job to not hating it and not liking it to actually enjoying a day or two here and there.  :)  Today was my first day on my own off orientation and I kicked butt!  So there!  We'll see, I may survive.
Sean's at Band camp for two weeks, Cameron's at Boy Scout camp (and loving it!) and Ethan's got to be Big Man at home on occasion.

I'm chopping off my hair this weekend.  Oh yeah, I'm doing it!!  Need a change!

We're less than two weeks from our closing date.  The carpet is in, the front landscaping is done, we're meeting with landscapers and contractors for the couple of things we want done to the house and yard and are getting solar panels put in before the dumb rate-height APS is throwing a fit to pass.  We're buying stuff for the house and are anxious to get it going!  (4th of july weekend we bought a nice LED TV...way excited for that!)  Yesterday I packed my entire closet, which surprisingly, took a long time and a lot out of me!  Who knew we had so much stuff in there.  I bagged clothes and shoes and boxed up scrapbooks.  Cleaned out the computer desk and craft table shelves.  Ridded the bathrooms of everything except essentials.  Let's get this show on the road!

I started Statistics class, which I kid you not, is a foreign language.  I like math, but THIS IS NOT MATH.  No clue what I'm doing.  Thank heavens for Google...though I have no idea what the answers mean or how to get them.

The boys start at their new school in just over 2 weeks, Dan goes back in a month, and I'm just trying to keep afloat in Stats.  It's class #5 out of 12, I think?  Progress.

I've forgotten how to read books.  I just haven't gotten into anything and haven't had time. It'll come back though.

Gotta go pack up 1/2 my kitchen.  Laters.

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Casey Lu said...

All in due time, everything will work out! Glad things are coming along for your house!! Hang in there!!!