Tuesday, June 10, 2014

catch up time! pics of the house and pool

So I haven’t blogged anything too personal in the past year. . . this being-a-full-time-working-momma takes some getting used to!  The last interesting thing I posted (other than book reviews, which may or may not be interesting?  hello?  this thing on?) was Cameron’s Camp Raymond experience last August.  And guess what, he goes again in a few weeks, so I’d better get to cracking!

What’s happened since then?  We moved.  Into an awesome house that I love love love so much.  And we built an awesome pool that is one of the best secular (ha) decisions I’ve ever made.  We’re busting our tail to pay it off this year because I hate debt.  I worked for a year.  Do I love that?  Nah.  The job is a job.  I like it (most days) but I don’t love it.  I’m getting better at it though, so that’s a plus.  I graduated with my Bachelor’s degree.  Praise all thing holy, I am DONE WITH SCHOOL.  Peeps are already asking me when I’m going to get my Master’s or my NP and to them I say “YOU CRAZY, FOOL!!”  I’m done for a bit.  Likely until they force me to get more education.  Been doing this crap since Fall 2008 and I am DONE, baby!  I *heart* my best friends.  We spend every second we can with them and are planning some serious fun vacays in the future!

Ok, so next up, house and pool pics.  By the way, I still haven’t really decorated.  I don’t have the designer’s eye/talent/money/time to do it up proper, but it’s home.  This is from our first week in August.  It already looks much different, but you get the idea.

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