Wednesday, May 24, 2006


Due to one reason or another, I had no daycare kids yesterday and that was SO NICE! Especially since last night was our Relief Society Aloha Open House and I had lots to do to prepare for it. I was in charge of a table that featured information on activities and classes coming up, handouts, sign up sheets, and displays for each. It was fun but time consuming. I had to call around three dozen people just as reminders (all my own doing, but I'm glad I did because several gals showed up simply because of my call) and make the handouts, set the the get-to-know-you game and more.

The evening went great with over 40 ladies there. We socialized for quite a bit, catching up, and preparing dinner. We had the whole Hawaiian theme going, so the decorations were pretty easy, being that it was held mostly in Heather I's back yard, which is practically a luau all by itself. She has the tiki torches going on and a hut, an absolutely goregous pool with rock slide and jacuzzi, and a couple of great seating areas. We ate hawaiian haystacks, then some ladies swam, while others played our get-to-know-you game. The sisters had a great time and so I deem it a success!

Today is Cameron's last day of school and he'll be having a fun ice cream party that Danny will attend. Wow, where did that year go? Cam's already been in Dysart's Preschool Pals program for a full year and two months and will fortunately get another whole year before starting Kindergarten in 2007. It's been such a blessing to have this as an option, all free. The bus comes right to our door and picks him up four days a week and he's gone 4 hours at a time. That helps me stay sane!

Sean's having his birthday celebration today (all the summer birthdays get their chance in May to bring treats) and then has his last day of school tomorrow. Today they will also have a reading day. He was told to come with blanket and a backpack of books. Again, hard to believe that he just finished 1st grade and by tomorrow afternoon I'll have a second grader on my hands! He has also grown so much this year; has a sincere love of books and reading anything and everything. His favorite things to read lately are the Junie B. Jones books. He'll literally sit down and knock out an entire book in an hour. He's been doing that all week and is almost done with our collection, which means we need to get some more!

Ethan's language pathologist was supposed to come for an hour to work on his speech, but called in sick, so that's disapointing. Today would have been the first time Danny had been here for his session (Dan's off today) but oh well, it happens. This afternoon we'll get Ethan's annual pictures taken. Finally. =)

We have no idea what Danny's schedule will be beyond Sunday, so that's not too comforting. I'm hoping he gets at least 40 hours a week all summer, because even that on an EMT's wages is pretty much pathetic. It's going to be a long summer. He's been doing so well, says Glendale is giving him not only good, but great marks. It's just unfortunate that he got put on Peoria's ride these past few months, with a chief being so strict. He really expected a lot, which is not bad. It's just that GCC relies on what this other guy says quite a bit. And I think if Danny had gotten on with any other vehicular rotation, that he'd be taking his Paramedic test next week.

Well, we must deal with it. He'll continue on and progress and get better and better. He's just learning to swallow his pride and accept with humility that he won't be moving on with the rest of his class. That's a tough pill to take.

I need to get some more advertising going. As of next week, all I'll have is my little 16 month old and that's just not going to help matters any. I need two older ones to get close to making ends meet. Wish I could just quit and we could live off loans, but I can't in good conscience do that, especially with our goals of paying off the van and loan in the next year or two, so Danny can get his Toyota truck.

Well, that's all I've got now! Perhaps I'll write more tonight.

More later.

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