Friday, May 26, 2006

useless drivel

So today was the last day for two of my daycare kids. And pardon me for being honest, but I'm a bit relieved. They were my two youngest, 4 months for one boy and 9 months for the other. Put them together with the 16th month old girl I'll have until the end of the year, and my own Ethan who is barely two, and that's a whole lotta diapers. A whole lotta poop. Somedays, we were the house o' poop. Ugh.

I mentioned that we put away our crib and all our baby stuff, right? Have I mentioned how thrilled I am about that? I am just so excited to have an older household!! And I interviewed yesterday with a mom of two boys, age 4 and 6 (just barely older than my boys by months) who will be starting on Tuesday for three days a week. I think that'll do me. I was considering doing that and the paper route, but Danny's schedule (or lack thereof) is just so up in the air at this point, I guess I just need to take what I can get and be happy with it.

I hope it'll be a good summer. Today was the first day out for Sean and we already had an incident that landed him in his room 'until lunch' but ended up being about two hours because he fell asleep. I hope the next 12 weeks won't be like that! (Although the nap was pretty nice...)

In other news, I've been doing more scrapbooking lately, so I'm happy about that. I also belong to a card exchange and today was our monthly get-together. Yeah...I completely forgot until about 3 hours before my cards were due. So, I threw something together in about 45 minutes and I have to admit, not too bad. Not too good, but not too bad. They'll do. I enjoy the card exchange--gives me something to do and a creative outlet, and hey, I haven't had to buy a store-bought card in years because of it. I think most people (people I send them to anyway) really enjoy a hand-made card. I could be fooling myself there, but anyway, it's the thought, right?

It seems that Ethan is making more attempts to talk. Just yesterday he started saying and signing the word cookie, so we're happy about that. Small accomplishments! We just need to talk talk talk to him and expose him to as much vocabulary as possible. What's funny is, just a week ago, he started actually sitting for extended periods in front of the TV. Not that I'm encouraging it, it's just that he's never been interested before, and now, he'll sit for a good half an hour and watch useless drivel with the rest of them. Oh happy day!

Danny's working today, so no big plans for Friday night, but he's off tomorrow so we hope to take the kids to see Ice Age at the drive-in movies. They've never been to one, that I can remember, so I think they'll enjoy it. And yay, they can be as loud as they want. We may farm Ethan out so the rest of us can actually enjoy it.

Here's to the weekend!

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