Wednesday, May 31, 2006

diet commitments

OK, so the diet has gone to crap...Memorial Day we went out for Chinese Food (mmm, buffet...) and then of course for dinner we had to barbeque, and later we had like three bowls of ice cream each! Oh yeah, holidays!

Memorial Day was actually really fun because both my brothers came over. Ben has been living on a Caribbean island for the past year and a half and was in desparate need of a break, so came home for 5 weeks. Chris lives in Goodyear and we don't exactly travel in the same circles, so we don't see him too often. But Monday was really nice. We spent hours talking about the islands and the culture, Ben's snorkeling adventures and the ever prevalent racism that the natives express towards the white students.

Last night, for our FHE activity we crashed my friend's pool and had such a good time. Ethan has really taken to the water and shows no fear at 2 years old, diving in and wanting to be with Sean and Daddy wherever they are--the slide, diving board, whatever. Cameron on the other hand is so afraid of water for who knows what reason. He got plenty wet, but mostly just did some climbing on the fake rock formations and the rock water slide. After about 10 minutes in the pool, I was freezing, so I jumped to the hot tub where I stayed for about two hours chatting with Heather. Later, we took 3 of her girls back to our house for some ice cream (I was good, had my diet Weight Watchers stuff) and then I took them home. Girls are just a whole different ball game!

Yesterday I started watching these two new boys for daycare. They're definitely a different dynamic than the little babies were. On one hand, the babies presented lots of diapers, bottles, crying, being-under-foot, and being hard to take any place as problems. On the other hand, I didn't have to feed them much, they didn't mess up my bathroom, I didn't have to entertain them constantly, they napped, and they didn't need my help (nor the want) to go outside and back inside a hundred times a day. Oy, after one day, I was tired. Dad's been late two days in a row dropping them off, so this morning I was waiting from about 6a when he told me he'd be here, and then he didn't show up until after 8! Stuff like that just gets on my nerves. Anyhoo, I have to wait to see what kind of schedule Dan's gonna be on for the summer. I may just do the paper route. I going to go beserk if I have to watch other peoples' kids too much longer!

Anyway, back to the diet. I decided enough was enough; I think I've gained like 8 pounds in May, which is just rediculous and mindless eating of whatever I want (cookies, chinese food, pizza, ice cream, you know, the good stuff!) and with summer here, I need to be able to squeeze into my swim suit! I kept on point (OP) yesterday and am doing well today. Tonight for dinner, we're finishing off our Easter Ham if you can believe that--we froze about half of it because there was so much in April--so it should be easy to stay OP for the rest of the day. I literally have to take it day by day, small successes, baby steps.

I weighed yesterday morning (no, I'm not telling you!) and am going to force myself to wait to weigh in again until at least Saturday. Unfortunately, I've been invited to a Surprise Birthday party at Macayo's that day (how can you pass up Macayo's?) so I'll have to go and eat. Oh yeah, and support my friend for her 40th birthday. Weird that I even have 40-yr old friends, lol! So I'm hoping with all the water I'm drinking and staying OP that I'll at least have lost a couple by then. I'll keep ya'll posted, you know I will!

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