Friday, June 2, 2006


I have to tell you about my evening yesterday. We have something at our church the first Thursday of every month called Home, Family, and Personal Enrichment night. It's a special night for the ladies to get out and attend something, usually at the church, that is generally on the spiritual level. Sometimes it's a party with dinner, other times it's a guest speaker or a how-to, yet some other times it's games or get-to-know-yous. I'm actually in charge of these events, and all other Enrichment activities during the month. Some of them are super simple and easy, like organizing a play group at the park, a book club/discussion once a month, scrapbooking at someone's home, a sewing class, a bread-making class, whatever. I've kind of been given free reign, which is really nice.

It can be stressful though. I have to plan for everything, from advertising to treats to nursery to the event itself. There is usually one big one a month, with several small ones during the month. That being said, we had our big event last night, something we'd been working up to for a while. At any rate, I never sleep the night before these big shin-digs...too worried about everything coming together, things going wrong, or just not going at all! Because I am primarily responsible, I feel like the success or failure of it is up to me.

This month's theme was "If ye are prepared..." and was essentially about getting your homes and spirits in order, getting a jump on 3 months of food storage, learning how to store and sterilize water, collecting things you would need in an emergency, etc. We also had four different taste-testing sites. At most of these big deals, we average 40 people or so. We knew there were going to be some visitors, so we planned for 60. After all our work and all our planning and multiple trips to the church for copying, decorating, setting up, etc, I think we ended up with 23. I'd be happy with that, except for about half of that was our RS Presidency and Enrichment board themselves!

So I was really disappointed in the turn out. I made apple crisp for 60 people (and others made biscuits, pinto beans/chips, and whole wheat pancakes, yum!) all for 60 people as well. I know that the few who attended will be blessed, and for all intensive purposes, it was a success. Just about everything went off perfectly (except for the fact that I double booked the nursery--6 people to watch a total of 0 kids that showed up!) and it was lovely, really lovely. Just disappointing.

I think people hear the word Preparedness and they think, "Oh, I've done that before." Nothing new. Not that again. Sigh. Just a lot of work for the 10 extra to attend!

This morning I went to the park to attend a play group and got stung by something on my toe just as we arrived. I don't know what it was, but I pulled the stinger out and just hoped it would get better. It hurt so much! And by the time I got home, it was just throbbing. I've had ice on my toe from about 11:15 this morning to the present (4-ish). For a while, as soon as I took the ice off, I got this radiating pain up my foot and underneath it as well. Now, I can take the ice off for about 10 minutes at a time before the miserable pain comes back. I keep debating on whether I should go see my doctor really quick or not. It's a Friday afternoon at 4:10. If I don't do something soon and it gets worse, I'll have to go to urgent care or the ER and that's just a hassel. So if I'm going to go, I need to decide soon.

To further complicate things, tonight, again at the church, is a ward dinner and then a Service/Goods auction for the Young Men and Young Women fundraiser. I know if I go I'll have a great time, enjoy some good food, then I'm sure the auction will be a blast. But if my foot isn't better, I really can't picture myself going and keeping my foot on ice all night. I volunteered some home-made cards for auction, which I could still get to someone, but then I'd miss out on the fun. A man named Sean is going to be the auctioneer, and he is just hilarious, so I know if we don't go, we'll really miss out.

However, on the flip side, having had no sleep the night before, then being gone last night, watching these new kids all week long and it now being Friday afternoon with a stinging toe, I'm seriously considering just bailing out and having a quiet evening to ourselves, maybe sleep on the trampoline with the kids or something.

I haven't decided yet, and my foot has been off ice for about 15 minutes, so I'm not sure yet. It seems to come and go. However, I've been sort of napping all afternoon and I look it. You know how when you wake up your hair is a bit disheveled and you have kind of wrinkles on your face from your pillow? That's how I look and feel right now.

I did take some ibuprofin and benadryl around noon, but it didn't seem to help matters any. Oh, and I blew my diet today. I was doing really good, and then I came home with apple crisp for about 50 people and I've found myself nibbling every time I open the fridge. Apple crisp for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, and each snack between! I'll weigh tomorrow, but I'm not hopeful.

Throbbing is back, better go get more ice.

Here is the whole wheat pancake recipe from last night--these are seriously the best pancakes I've ever eaten!

8 C. whole wheat flour

1/3 C. baking powder

4 tsp salt

1/2 C. sugar (or Splenda)

2 C. shortening

2 C powdered milk

Mix with pastry plender. To serve, use 2 C. mix, 1 egg, and water to desired consistency. Batter should be thin.

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