Sunday, May 28, 2006

a fun saturday

Yesterday ended up being a great family day, which is always so fun and really good for us--to spend time together all five of us. We played in the backyard in the water for a bit, laying out and getting too much sun. (I've posted some new pictures) I use the term 'laying out' loosely, because as soon as Dan and I put down our towels and made so much as an intention to lay down peacefully in the sun, our children were there to sabotage us. What else are kids for, eh?

Later, we went to our neighbor's for a swim party. More sun, more water, but this time, food was involved. For the most part it went really well. The party was really well attended and the food was great. We even got Cameron and Ethan in the water at one point, which is quite a feat. Cameron is so afraid of water, and Ethan doesn't like being cold. Sean was a total fish and on his own. So Danny helped the two little ones paddle around a bit. Anyway, we had the hardest time keeping Ethan from throwing things in the pool. He's not around pools much, and the only time we're around water is when we're at the lake boating, and he's allowed to throw rocks then. So that's what he did at my neighbor's--he threw handfuls of rocks into her pool (sigh!) a couple of times. Cameron also threw in his paper plate, hotdog, and squirted caprisun down her waterfall. That was my cue to take the two little ones and go home.

That's ok though, because after that we loaded up both vehicles with blankets, pillows, sleeping bags and a mattress and went to the drive-in movie with Danny's brother Alan and his girlfriend. That was so fun! We hadn't done that since Sean was little little, so this was a great experience for them. We saw "Ice Age 2" which the kids seemed to enjoy. Sean and Cameron did great, but Ethan only sat for about 1/2 an hour and then that was it. So I roamed around a bit with him and didn't appreciate the movie as much as the first. It was cute anyway, and we'd definitely do the drive-in thing again (what a deal, $5.50/adult, kids under 11 are free, and you get a double feature, which we did not stay for) but I think we'd leave Ethan at home with a sitter next time. I wish I'd taken would have been fun to post some of all the kids bundled up in the back of the truck!

It was a late night so we were all a little bit groggy (and sunburnt) this morning, and of course Danny had to work so I braved Sacrament Meeting alone which is a HUGE test of my faith and commitment (lol, not really, but seriously, it's tough) but we're all in a great mood today. Here's to the first week of summer vacation!

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