Thursday, May 18, 2006

a family day

Ugh...I just typed my entire night's blog, went to preview it, and lost it. I hate when that happens. No matter, because I'm in a great mood, am feeling energetic, and happy from a lovely day. Ok, to be honest, my energy is likely from the Diet Coke I had with dinner, but I did have a great day and I'll tell you why:

I had only one daycare child here today who napped a total of 5 hours out of the 9 hours he was here. Yay.

I actually got out of the house alone today for a Wal-mart errand for me! I had a totally successful shopping trip, getting my material for my kitchen window valance project. Perfect color, perfect price ($2/yard, YES!), just perfect. I'm so excited to start this project. Just scared to death. I got a sewing machine for Mother's Day on Sunday, and this will be my first major undertaking. Wish me luck.

The reason I was able to get out of the house on my own is because it was my lovely hubby's day off from his busy paramedic vehicular rotation schedule and he was home to mow our lawn, watch our kiddos, and lift heavy stuff for me. I am all about to-do lists. Just ask, oh...anybody that knows me. I thrive on lists.

Then, this evening we were able to go out on a nice family outing to AZ Mills, picking up Danny's mom along the way. The main goal was to return a pair of very expensive (or so I thought) Gap pants that I had bought on ebay about 6 months ago, but the durn things never fit. $58 in the store, supposedly. (These are the Long and Lean ones that were wildly popular after some exposure on Oprah's show last fall) Anyhoo, because these were like 6 months old and bought at an outlet store, my grand total came out to a whopping $7. Huh. A bit disappointing, But hey, I was able to get a nice pair of metallic pink sandals with rhinestones for $.03. I can be girly for $.03.

Lastly, I was able to enjoy a nice Subway meal (and kept on WW points, yay!). Mmm, so good. Why is that Subway's turkey breast sub is so much better than my home-made ones? Must be the bread.

Anyway, it was a nice relaxing day spent with my fam.

We have been putting away and storing some of our baby things, which is so weird. But it's time, because next week I'm losing two of my daycare babies (age 4 months and 9 months), and with no new daycare babies coming, (and knock on wood no new babies being birthed to me personally any time soon), we figure it's time to put the crib away and mature up the place. We're going to move Ethan to Sean's room and put him on the bottom bunk and move Cameron to the empty room to enjoy his own big boy bed. We have plans of painting, changing the beds, and making the whole change by the end of the weekend. However since Danny will be working for the next two days, that mostly falls on me. But I like to paint, especially once I get into the zone. In fact, maybe I"ll finally get to my bedroom and paint in there as well. Do you think it's too soon? We've only lived here....four years now!! My, time flies.

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