Friday, May 19, 2006

a new project

I spent most of the day on my feet today cutting, measuring, and sewing my kitchen valance on my brand new sewing machine. Of course I am totally new to the art of sewing, reading patterns, understanding fabrics, pretty much anything and everything related to the craft. But I was ready and excited and eager to try something new.

After a couple of basic mistakes (that now I"ll never make again), my project got under way. I worked and worked and my daycare child woke and left and still I sewed away. My kids woke up, got hungry, came home from school, etc and I toiled on! I was excited to finish! We finally took a break for dinner, but I kept everything out, just on the kitchen counters so I could keep working.

Finally, this evening, I was mostly finished (aside from the braiding it needs, however I can find no info regarding how much, what kind, how thick, and what the heck is braiding anyway?) and tallying up the hours I'd spent on this one valance, kind of not so excited to have to do an entire second one tomorrow, or whenever. I figured I worked around 7 hours on the sucker, and it came out pretty good--not perfect, but a definite success, especially for my first test drive on a sewing machine. Then I happened to notice on the pattern that this was supposed to be an easy 90 minute project. Ha!

This evening I again got to Wal-mart on my own and was able to get some actual sewing scissors, among other things like a pin cushion, pins, safety pins, thread, and such, all stuff to add to my growing sewing supply collection. I'm hoping the second one takes me around half the time this first one did. Likely, since now I'll be more familiar with what I'm doing and I'll have better tools as well. I think I'll sit down for more of the second one too.

Yay! I'm a seamstress!

And oy, does my back hurt...

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