Monday, June 5, 2006

diet updates

Just wanted to give a little weight-loss update, down 3 pounds, yay!

I do a lot of substitutions. Like for dinner, for example, we all had hamburgers, apples, and chips. My burger just happened to be soy and my chips were the fat-free olestra kind. I can't believe I'm actually saying this, but I really like the soy burgers. They don't taste much different from regular burgers and they're 1 weight-watchers point as opposed to liek 9 for a regular burger. And the chips--I honestly can't tell the difference between the FF and the regular. That makes dieting a little bit easier.

For snacks I eat a lot of popcorn--seriously, I could eat the stuff every day with a little bit of FF butter on it and low-fat parmesan cheese (mmm, yummy!) and a lot is very low in calories, so it's a good snack that lasts longer than say, a snack cake or something smaller.

Cameron totally busted his lip up tonight; he was trying to get something up on the counter and came down hard on his chin. His top teeth crashed right thru his bottom lip and instantly his mouth was full of blood, poor kid. We had a hard time keeping ice on him, but it's healing quickly.

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