Sunday, June 4, 2006

the end to the weekend

The surprise party ended up being more fun than I expected. It truly was a Surprise...Kelly was shocked; it took her several seconds before she realized all of us were cheering for her when she walked in. The group got loud quickly; the margaritas were flowing. We watched the couple across from us ingest 3 coronas each within two hours. (How do drinkers drink so much? I didn't even finish my original mug rootbeer plus a refill before I was so full. I can't imagine drinking three or more of them!) It was fun to be together with the people in our neighborhood in a different setting, but we were probably the quietest of the group. Plus, the Suns were busy losing Game 6 of the Western Conference finals, so that had our attention too. =(

Later, a bunch of them went to a country bar. We decided to make good use of our babysitter time and went out on our own. We couldn't decide what to do though, and ended up at a Barnes & Noble (where personally, I could spend hours, easily, just browsing) where we each picked up something and read quietly for a while. I like getting decorating ideas and learning dieting facts, reading funny books and how-tos. Danny looked for some Paramedic book he was interested in. However he decided it wasn't up to par with what his class was teaching. After this, we went to Cold Stone Creamery where I got a bowl of Chocolate Delight (oh my gosh, chocolate ice cream, chocolate chips, brownie pieces, and chocolate was soooooo good!) and Danny got a strawberry banana smoothy. We came back home and found that the group was continuing the beer drinking party (oy!) across the street. They're really nice people, but any kind of social gathering involves so much alcohol, we start to feel uncomfortable. Plus, they get loud and the cops have been involved once or twice, even though one of them is a cop himself. Anyway, it was a fun night out for us and the kids had a great time with our babysitter--an 11 year old boy whom we love.

Today, I gave the RS lesson for the first time at church. "How having a personal relationship with the Savior can bless our marriages and families". I talked about how the Proclamation designates marriage as being sacred and only between a man and a woman. I had the group discuss different ways that we can keep the Savior's influence in our home, including family and personal prayer, family and personal scripture study, sacrament meeting attendance, temple attendance, having weekly family home evening, and doing our home and visiting teaching. We discussed Elder Russel M. Nelson's talk from this past General Conference session and several scriptures. It came out really well, I think!

This evening we went to my in-laws for dessert and some fun. The kids were relatively well-behaved so we stayed till about 8:00p. We met my brother-in-law's new girlfriend and chatted with her a bit. Always interesting to meet a possible future sister-in-law. ;) We ate some yummy chocolate chip cookies, too. All in all, a good night!

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