Saturday, June 3, 2006

no jimama salad!

Well, we did end up going last night. For whatever reason, the stinging in my footie kind of came and went a couple of times throughout the night. I had an ice pack in my purse, but by the middle of the evening it wasn't too effective. It was a long night, but it was fun. There ended up being 130 things up for bid, including Diamondback tickets and lots of different desserts and services. We bid on several things at the auction (kids play equipment, skin stuff, guitar lessons, and more,) but ended up winning twice. We paid $20 for 10 hours of babysitting which is a great deal. And I got 6 large candles for $30. (Considering I just paid over $20 for one large Gold Canyon Candle a couple of weeks ago, I figured this was a deal.)

The kids had lots of fun eating pizza and running around like crazy. The Bishop and his counselors even got pied in the face (courtesty of a few winning bidders!) When we came home, we decided that the family would sleep on the trampoline in sleeping bags and that ended up being lots of fun. The night was warm to begin with, but it cooled off later.

Tonight we're going to a surprise party for a neighbor who just turned 40. The party will be at Macayo's, so again, diet's out. It's so hard to diet when we keep getting invited to these fun things! Literally nothing on the menu at Macayo's is diet-friendly and tasty at the same time. I had one of their chicken salads with jicama and lime dressing, but wow, was it bad. I'd rather eat well and have to work it off than eat poorly and have wasted the money. Our favorite babysitter, Jacob will be babysitting the boys. They're excited about that. He's 11 and enough of a kid to still enjoy playing around with them, yet he's responsible enough, with 4 younger sisters of his own, that we trust him to watch the boys and keep them safe. Besides, his mom is one of my best friends and lives like 4 minutes away should anything happen.

So yay, a date night!

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