Monday, June 19, 2006

get to know me 3

What's your favorite food storage item? We systematically rotate through our #10 cans of food storage, namely the potatoes, rice, macaroni, apple slices, and oatmeal (and other things when we need it) but our favorite thing from the cannery is the hot cocoa mix. This stuff is sooo good. We usually save it for special camping outings. It's rich and chocolatey and wonderful!

What's your favorite flower? This has changed several times over the past several years, but I'd say at present, my favorite is the lilly. I got several lilly plants for Mother's day last year that we planted in our front yard walkway. They were so beautiful by late winter and early spring! It's too hot now, so the leaves are all burned; we recently cut them back and hope they'll bloom again in the fall.

What's your favorite food? Gosh, I have to pick one?? Meal-wise, I love pizza and rice pilaf (not together); dessert-wise I love cheesecake and brownies (which can be good together).

What's your favorite restaurant? I have two, for sentimental reasons. Kind of on accident, we started a tradition years ago of going to TGIF the night before my babies are born. They are c-section deliveries, so we know the date in advance. I like several things on the menu and enjoy the atmosphere too, so you add that to the mix and it becomes one of my favorite restaurants. For similar reasons, lately we've gone to Abuelo's mexican food for our anniversary and really enjoyed it. Lovely atmosphere, super duper staff (seriously, we've never had a bad waitress!) and the food is great. One year for our anniversary, we went to the Compass Room atop the Hyatt for dessert and that was pretty special. The room makes one full turn every hour. The walls are lined with windows so you look out over the city as you're eating. It's awesome!

If you served a mission, where did you go and tell a brief experience: I did not serve a full-time mission; I got married instead. However, when I was 18, I went on a two-week mission to Scottsdale and I loved it! It was soooo hot, but an awesome experience being with the sister missionaries, learning, teaching, tracting in 112 degree weather...definitely a faith building experience and I wouldn't trade it in for anything!

If you were to choose a new name for yourself, what would it be? Princess Consuela Bananahammock, I don't know...I've always liked Hannah and Ashton.

If you were given an extra $10 to spend at Wal-Mart, what would you buy and why? Probably scrapbooking items, just to feed my habit. =)

What's one of your best habits? hmm, another tough one. Well, I almost always read my scriptures first thing in the morning...I rarely let that slide, so I guess that's a good habit.

What was the best day of last week for you and why? My parents visited last week, so we had some fun days. One day, our A/C went out, we had a yard sale, and Danny and I made it to the temple and then to a friend's house for dinner and some fun. Certain parts of the day sucked. But on the whole, it ended up being a great day--Danny fixed the AC and saved us around $200 by buying a $25 part. My temple experience was uplifting, and it was great to hang out with my friend and chat and for Danny and I to be out as a couple. That was a pretty good day.

Choose a unique item from your wallet or keys and explain why you carry it around: well, my wallet is pretty boring, but on my key chain, I have a "Hold to the Rod" rod-type keychain. This is in reference to Lehi's dream in the Book of Mormon, in which the Iron Rod symbolized the Word of God, and how we need to hold onto it and be led to Eternal Life, essentially. For details, email me about this! It's a great scripture story with lots of symbolism.

One more installment later, and then you should know all you'd ever want to about me!

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