Sunday, June 18, 2006

getting to know me 2

If you could meet anyone living, who would it be? I'd have to go with our current Prophet of the Church, President Hinckley. He has such an awesome presence, is a wonderful speaker and motivator and has a sweet spirit. He is an awesome example and such a missionary. He's so good about telling people about the church and I would like to be like him!

If you could meet anyone who has already passed away, who would it be? On this I'll go with the first Prophet of the Church, Joseph Smith. What a man! I just love studying about him in Church History. He had such faith and went through so much to further the work and restore the true Church to the earth. I'd just love to meet him and give him a great big hug.

Where is the farthest you have ever traveled? Well, I haven't looked at this on a map, so I don't know which is farther. North--I've been as far northeast as the upstate New York, southern Canada area, Niagara, and parts of Ontario I think. My mom has family members up three. We toured Niagara Falls one year and went on the boat, Maid of the Mist. Awesome experience! South--I've been as far as Cancun and Merida, Mexico. I went down there when I was 15 on a trip with our Spanish class, stayed for 10 days, toured the Mayan pyramids and temples, Chitchenitza, Uxmal, and more. It was so cool!

What is your favorite TV show? Currently, I'm not really watching anything because it's summer and reruns are playing, but I have watched "Last Comic Standing" occasionally. During the normal season, I don't miss "Survivor", but I also enjoy "Grey's Anatomy", "The Amazing Race", and "American Idol." I'm a reality TV junkie.

What's your favorite scripture story? I was thinking about this just the other day when I was sitting in the temple. I really enjoy the story of Alma the Younger--started off as a major anti to the church, a rebellious son, did lots of damage. His father, Alma the elder, prayed for some sense to be knocked into Alma. An angel came and did just that, and Alma was a reformed man from then on. He then went on to become one of the Book of Mormon's greatest missionaries, went from town to town preaching, converting, and baptizing thousands, and doing quite a bit of damage control while at it. There's so much more I'd love to go into, but this blog is already getting quite lengthy. Let me just sum up and say that Alma proves that all is not lost for those who have lost their way. Miracles do happen and we can all experience that "mighty change in [our] hearts" !!

Did you go to college and what did you study? I went to GCC (go Gouchos!) for a couple of years and got my AA in general studies, then I went onto Phoenix College (lovingly referred to as F.K.) and did my interpreting studies in American Sign Language and finished up there.

Do you know the story of your name/how you were named? I don't know that there's any big story about it...I know Amie is French for "friend." I think my parents almost named me Michelle, and my grandma was pulling for Jennifer.

What one thing would you take with you on a deserted island? other than necessities, like a boat to get off the island, or food and drink? I guess one fluff item would be scrapbooking stuff.

Who was your favorite New Kid on the Block and why? too funny! Umm, I liked Jordan Knight, I think. He was just the cutest in my opinion. Where is he now?

Did you go to your prom? Briefly explain your experience. I actually went to all four proms the years I attended high school--small school, so they let everyone attend, even 8th graders if I remember right. My first prom was silly, I went with friends and we'd layed out that day to get some sun, ended up getting totally sunburned, so in our pictures we look horrid. Pastel dresses and pink pink faces. I think I danced 3 times. My sophomore prom--nothing really sticks out. Junior year I had a boyfriend at Prom time, so that's always more fun and I had an awesome dress that year. I remember that my friend Heather and I had a total blast that day, doing girly things and hanging out all day, great memory from high school. Then, my Senior year, I went with a guy friend and I was actually surprised to be named Prom Queen. Again, small school. That was really fun and a great way to end my high school experience.

More next time!

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