Wednesday, June 14, 2006

i'm gonna feel it tomorrow

Well, again, lots going on. I taught a home-made bread class last night for an enrichment activity and our product came out soooo good! It rose just beautifully and smelled heavenly while it baked, and then came out all golden brown and delicious! I've been making my own bread for, I don't know, maybe two months now? Each loaf gets better and better and I'm quite proud of it. Yet, I can't eat any of it, since it's full of oil and honey and quite fatty. Ahh well, I make it for my fam at least.

Today, I was up at 5 to go lap-swimming with some friends. Holy cow! I was out of breath by the first lap! I had no idea. It's really been a long time since I've swum for exercise and I found I was way out of shape and condition! My lungs were just burning. We did some other things, water aerobics, etc, and then later, when there was a break in the day, I joined the same friends at the stake center for step aerobics. I've always enjoyed step and used to do it 2-3 times a week when we belonged to a gym back when we lived in Phoenix.

So, because I worked out so much today, I used that as an excuse to eat, like, 6 cookies and brownies and lemon bars, and pretty much whatever else I could find to stuff my face!! That was productive, wasn't it? Ugh! Not only am I likely to be sore tomorrow, but sick on top of it!! Each day I make a new resolve, but I just need to get the tempting things outta the house I guess.

A sweet sweet friend read my blog and donated a totally awesome monitor and printer to us, all for fuh-ree!! (Thanks, Carla, you're awesome!) I'm gonna have to convince her to let me babysit for the next few Saturdays or something! This monitor is so clear and colorful and BIG (our old one was 15" and this is 19"); as I type this, my myspace picture is smiling back at me and it's just HUGE. =)

Anyway, it's a huge blessing at this time when we're trying to get in a good place financially, or at least as best as we can with Danny working one week, not the next, and just basically not knowing what to expect from week to week. He works 4 days this week, which is great, and he really loves where he's at. Tomorrow morning he has to be in Coolidge by 6am! For you non-arizonians, that means he'll likely have to leave here at 4am, work a 6a-6p shift, and then get home by 8p. Looong day.

Ooh, and I kind of quit today. At least, the one family with the boys. I just decided this was rediculous, I couldn't handle it anymore and shouldn't have to, if I hated it. If I come to really resent the kids I'm working with, I think it's time I find new work. So I don't have any other options, but have put out a couple of ads already and am just hoping for a better dynamic with any new kiddos that come along. I gave the family a two week notice, so I have a couple of weeks before I'll get desperate. I am at peace with that decision. They are only the second family that I've 'quit' ever, and in both cases, it was shortly after I started with them, like within 3 weeks, and so there wasn't a huge relationship to ruin yet. ;)

I'm already starting to stiffen up from all my exertions today. I'd feel good about that if only I didn't have about 3000 calories worth of lemon squares sitting in my stomach!

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