Monday, July 10, 2006

catch up

I just thought I'd sum up the last couple of days around here, everything and nothing going on, you know how that is. Not too much mention-worthy, but I'm going to mention it anyway!

Saturday was a total couch potato day (or in my case, a computer potato day); my kids watched movies all day long, my hubby was hard at work, and I surfed the internet and updated my myspace page and listened to hours of back-logged radio shows on the internet. Ahh bliss! Sometimes you need days like that. Days when you don't even leave the house, absolutely nothing gets accomplished, you're lucky if you remember to brush your teeth that day, and you don't care if the kids' beds get made or not. Sometimes, I can let those days happen. For the most part, with my type-A personality, I can't let those days happen, if you know what I mean. My kids get mad because I make them make beds and do their hair each day, even though it's summer time. I don't know, I just like to feel ready, just in case if we decided to leave or go anywhere, at least it wouldn't take hours to get us out the door. Anyhoo, Saturday was a total lax day and it was wonderful. I did drink a Pepsi at about 5:00p and that ruined me for the night...I was awake until 3. I just never drink the stuff, for that reason precisely!

Then Sunday of course was really busy with meetings and choir practices and dinner with the in-laws. The Relief Society president at church has been gone for 5 weeks and will be gone for three more...the first counselor is out of town for a week, so that leaves things up to me (the second counselor) and our secretary, who has been plenty busy. It was a great Sunday though. Poor Danny worked all night long, so he was falling asleep at church; I sent him home after Sacrament meeting and feel totally OK with that. =) Then, ward choir after church, hair cuts for the boys (all four of them!) stake choir in the evening, and then tacos at my in-laws' for dinner. Yum! She makes the test tacos.

Today's been a nice day too, back to business, swimming, aerobics (I LOVE that class!) daycare, summer rec, house cleaning, Ethan's developmental specialist, and more. I even interviewed with a family of a 7-month old for some drop in babysitting. Really cute family!

I recently won a neighborhood ice cream party from Dryer's, and so ice cream for 100 people will be delivered in dry ice some time this week. Tonight, we put the information on the flyers and handed them out to our neighbors. That should be fun; warm, but fun! We'll be having it at the park. It's fun to tell them how I won it: I entered the sweepstakes that Dryer's had this summer...just write a paragraph detailing why your neighborhood deserves a block party and they pick 1500 winners. I wrote about how we attend birthday parties for each other, celebrate holidays together, gather morning and/or evening on porches, babysit each other's kids, and even those who have moved away still come back occasionally to visit and celebrate milestones. It really is a great neighborhood. We've never hosted a neighborhood party at our house, one reason being our house is so small, and the other being we're one of the few without a pool, so it's hard to entertain 40 people here. But this we'll do at the park and just invite people to bring lawn chairs, hang out, and mingle while we stuff our faces! Should be fun! I'll be sure to post some pictures.

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