Thursday, July 13, 2006

new pets

So we have our first set of pets. After 8.5 years of marriage and 7 years of having kids, we finally caved in. Why? Well because with me being allergic to anything with hair, we certainly couldn't have any indoor pets. I couldn't really care less about cats. And dogs, well, they're great, but it's so hot out, and I'm guessing a puppy would chew up anything and everything in the back yard, and of course if we ever left for vacation or camping, we'd have to have someone come by to feed the poor sweating starving things...we've just never been at that moment when it was time. In other words, we're lazy!

And now? Well, we helped some friends move this week and inherited a 20 gallon fish tank. The kids were so excited about it; we immediately went out and bought a handful of goldfish for starters. I say for starters because I'm assuming these cheapos will die relatively quickly until the novelty of our fish wears off. Already they've been fed strange things and toys have mysteriously ended up in the tank, so maybe after a round or two of death, our kids will get the idea that we need to keep all objects, fingers included, out of the tank! Eventually, Danny would like to get some oscars of course, because that's what his brother and sister have, and anything else just wouldn't be cool.

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