Saturday, July 15, 2006

sean's birthday

The birthday party and specifically the skateboard birthday cake turned out really well! Our big Sean is now 7! Well, almost, his birthday is on Monday. He invited several of the neighborhood kids--"all boys!" he insisted--and they played hullaballoo and pictionary, opened presents, ate cake and ice cream, and played on the slip and slide. What's not to love?

We got him Disney's Scene It among other games and my parents got him this really great fishing pole and lure set plus a tackle box. He was so excited about that!

It's hard to believe 7 years have come and gone so quickly. Since he's my first, I remember so many more details about his pregnancy and infanthood. What a great kid he's turning out to be. He's still on the small side, but that's a family trait. All of Danny's brothers remained 5 feet or so until their junior years in high school when they shot up to 6 feet. My side is all short of course. ;)

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