Sunday, September 10, 2006

feelin' it

We've had the best Sunday today! I just love when I can feel the Spirit so strongly and truly I felt it at every turn today. It started with a wonderful musical number in Sacrament meeting this morning; it was "No Ordinary Man", a piece I was very familiar with and I think I've even played before in public and it always brings tears to my eyes. Then in Relief Society the lesson was awesome the music and prayers were awesome, the strories shared were so heartfelt, just everything touched me! Afterwards I had RS Presidency meeting and the things we discussed there just gave me goosebumps and filled me with the Spirit as well as Choir practice afterwards, where we are working on three awesome songs! We had almost 35 people there today and that was just TOO COOL!

I love when I get pumped up and want to be a better person, am spiritually uplifted on Sunday with hopes of that fueling me through another week. It was a great day.

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