Saturday, September 9, 2006

what would you do?

A friend recently posted on her blog "what I would do if I won the lottery."

And like her, I won't ever win because I don't ever play, but every now and then, Dan and I will come across the lotto picks on TV and we'll notice that two of our numbers were picked or whatever... (the birthdays of each member of our immediate family) it's kind of fun to think "wow, only three numbers more and we could have won $50 million."

And then there's the brain teaser of what we'd do with the money. I think a good 30-40% would go right out the window to taxes. Then we'd have to of course pay off our house and/or move to a slightly bigger one--nothing huge mind you, I don't want to have to clean a 3500 square foot house. I struggle to keep my 1100 house clean. And the bigger the house, the more you have to decorate and fuel and keep warm or cool etc etc. And then there's the idea of cars; I know what Dan would get, the newest 4 wheel drive Toyota truck. He's been after one of those for years. I doubt we'll ever own one. Me, I've never been a car gal. I just want enough for all the kids and perhaps a seat or two extra so we could take people places.

Kids' college, kids' missions and weddings, plan for retirement, emergency funds, mututal funds, perhaps a cruise or two. And we always say we'd give portions of it to our family members, parents, brothers and sisters. But how to make it fair...Does the family of 7 get more than the single sibling? Or do they each get a cool 100,000 regardless of family size?

I think I'd go nuts at the scrapbook store. And I'd still shop wal-mart and Tar-jay, but I don't think I'd pay as close attention to the price tags. It would be weird, wouldn't it, not having to worry how much things cost? Kind of fun to think about. Never gonna happen! How about you? What would you do with $50,000,000?

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