Thursday, September 7, 2006


Ahhh, Thursday nights. I got in my two-hour fix of Grey's Anatomy. Totally hooked on that show! (if they could just clean it up a tad I'd be thrilled) In two weeks the new season starts, as well as Survivor (yay!) and Lost soon after. Time to be addicted to TV once again.

Now back to your regularly scheduled program...

We have had the most awesome thunderstorms this week! The lightning was so close and the thunder so loud it shook the house. Since it rained afterwards, our temps cooled down quite a bit too. This morning when I walked at 5:15 it was actually so cool out I didn't even break a sweat during my routine 3 miles. Tonight is supposed to have more of the same.

I love it, when I'm safe at home. I absolutely hate driving in rain. One of the few things I'm afraid of but hate to admit, driving in rain. Even just light rain. I've had a couple of bad experiences driving in rain and I can't help but be nervous and grip the steering wheel a bit tighter. Nothing bad, no wrecks or anything, but I remember one time, the flooding was so bad, all the man hole covers were floating in the street. I drove in and out of a man hole totally blowing my tire and majorly denting my rim. I was like 18 and in college, it was pouring out and I didn't have a phone available to me. It happened about 3 miles away from home and all I could think was, "I don't care what happens to this $400 car, I'm just driving home where I'll be safe." I drove home then, about 5 miles an hour, totally ruining that rim. Ever since then, I've been frightened by the road and rain.

Anyway, I'm safe at home now, safe to enjoy it from my bedroom window, the way God intended.

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