Thursday, September 7, 2006

worn out

My poor hubby...he's just getting through with a really long work week. He started Wednesday and has worked straight thru pulling 12 and 14 hour shifts, and then today he finishes up with a 24 hour shift. I think his week will end up being around 90-something hours! He's exhausted and so tired of wearing his uniform and being away from home etc etc. Plus, our yard really needs mowing...

We've missed him of course--the reunion wasn't the same without him there, and of course church is always harder without him. He's putting in his time though, both his regular Sat/Mon shift with Southwest Ambulance as well as his vehicular rotation with Sun City West Fire Dept. And things will slow down once September is through. He takes his big school final around the 20th and then his national final a few days after that. Pray for us!

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