Monday, October 9, 2006

our lives

We're just getting ready for our camping trip, getting the vehicles ready, filling the garage, bagging groceries, pre-making meals. It's a pain, but we're getting excited. Lots of to-do things on the list, last minute grocery stops, etc. Plus, Danny's birthday is the day after we get back, so we're trying to plan for that.

Lots going on in the next few weeks with church including a music social this Saturday, a class entitled "Gourmet Cooking on a Budget" that I'm really excited about, ward temple night, a Halloween party, a demonstration on Thanksgiving Cooking that should be SO COOL (seriously, anyone want to come with me? I'd love to bring some guests!), our ward campout, and Super Saturday which is the next big thing my Enrichment Board is in charge of. That's basically a craft day, so we're getting the plans going for who's doing what class, preorders, set ups, advertisements, the dinner, a possible nursery, etc. Busy Busy Busy!

Then after that, Thanksgiving of course--we're going to CA for the first time in two years to be with Danny's side of the fam. We're really excited about that. It'll be short, but a fun visit. Danny will get to participate in the Turkey Bowl with his brother and Dad.

For fun a few nights ago, we had dinner by candlelight. The meal wasn't fancy, but the kids got a big kick out of eating with mood lighting!

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