Saturday, October 14, 2006

just starting out

Hey all...we're back from our Rim camping trip. We had a great time, a bit cold, but fun anyway! I got tons of pictures which I'd like to share with ya'll but I'm not sure what the best way to do that might be.

Anyhoo, back to camping. We played hard, fished in our boat (caught NOTHING thank you very much), went on drives, ate out at a cafe, froze our little tootsies at night, got nearly no sleep, went on a Treasure Hunt planned by Dad, ate yummy camp food, looked for wildlife, made and severely burned dutch oven cobbler for the first time, Sean fell in the freezing lake, Cameron pooped three times each and every day, and we had an absolutely fantastic time!

I've done six loads of laundry already since being back, including towels and blankets and haven't even started on the sleeping bags yet. It's a job for sure. One bummer--checked the VCR when we got back and unfortunatley found that I had set it wrong and we did not get Thursday's "Survivor" if anyone happens to have seen it, or even better, have it on tape... you know how to reach me and make my day!

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