Saturday, January 6, 2007

david and goliath FHE

See what I can accomplish when I stay off the computer? This was for a paper product challenge for the website I'm so fond of. The journaling says:"This was truly one of the funniest FHE's we've ever had. Each kid got to pretend to be Goliath by perching on Dad's back with an over-sized t-shirt on. Ethan-Goliath had quite a healthy patch of chest hair we noticed! We videoed this as well and just laughed and laughed through the whole lesson. Another funny thing that happened is when Cameron was David and it was time to 'kill' Goliath, he first whapped Goliath (Daddy) on the leg with a Magna Doodle, then 'shot' him with a pretend gun!"


Ashley Harris said...

i love the new look!

LIZZEE said...

Very cute and yes Amie you can link me on your site and I will probably do the same to yours if that's okay let me know.

The Bluths said...

Fun idea. I'm not very good at the whole FHE thing yet. BTW come back to aerobics! At least come on the days we're not doing step!