Friday, January 5, 2007

what do you think?

So what do you think of this one? I like it, and it'll have to do...let me know what you think. I'm going to have to set a goal to not touch blogger today. I've become way too obsessed with it, lol! Good thing my house is clean and my lesson is all planned for Sunday. That's the only reason I let myself goof around with the computer so much--my to-do list was done. Anyhow, I totally have a crick in my neck from staring at this monitor for so long, but I like the way it turned out.

It's a new day...I hope to take the kids to Target and look for a jacket for Sean. He's wearing the same one he's worn since 1st grade. It's too small, too thin, a pull-over (I prefer zip-ups) and doesn't have a hood. Worthless for camping. But wouldn't you know it, when we went jacket shopping last week (a total fiasco, I tell ya, clothing shopping is not fun with three kids) he picked up only identical looking jackets as what he has now, just a couple of sizes bigger. We all fear change I guess. Oh, and I need to go to the post office and mail a package, which is usually not a big deal; I use that awesome automated package mailer dealie. But come to find out my package (which is the second set of faulty printer ink cartridges I've bought on ebay, never do that) is literally ounces over the limit and needs to be hand-cancelled or whatever by a P.O. rep. Ugh. That line is still horrid, even weeks after Christmas. I don't get it.

I hope to do some scrapping today too, now that I have blogger all figured out. I still however have no ink cartridge to print pictures (see above paragraph) weeks after my inital order. Annoying. I just hate paying the full price of $36-whatever at Wal-mart. For ink, yikes! It's worth it though, because it's reliable I guess. Live and learn.


leaner said...

of course you can link to my site! I had been reading yours, then it disappeared for a bit! Anyway- it has been nice getting to cyber know you again!

Anonymous said...

I always wonder about ink on
e-bay.. Sorry it is such a bad experience. You are more than welcome to link me to your site. I however have no idea how to do that stuff. Somebody else made my blog for me because I am computer challenged! Have a GREAT one. Tammi

Anonymous said...

Amie, I think your blog looks good. -Delfina