Friday, October 17, 2008

how can ya stay mad at this kid?


He says and does the cutest things sometimes.  Tonight when it was bedtime, I found him up in his bunk, 'reading' scooby doo with one of Danny's work beanies on.  You go for it kid.  A little Scoob before bedtime never hurt anybody.  And not everybody looks so cute in a beanie--I certainly can't pull it off. . . I just don't do hat hair. . . but some peeps out there just look hot in beanies.


"Who, me?  bedtime?  I think you may have mistaken me with someone else.  I am currently improving my mind and developing my imagination with rousing stories of the mystery machine and those crazy kids in action."


"You're so cute."  Yep, he really does say that to me.  Right before he'll kiss me on the forehead like a 3 year old.


"Oh, that mess of toothpaste all over the bathroom?  You saw that, huh?  Well, you see, the thing is, I was trying to brush my teeth in the dark and I accidentally smeared some of my aquafresh on the door.  So I mopped it up with my hand, and then when I was climbing onto the sink to see if my teeth were clean, I accidentally slathered more toothpaste all over the sink and mirror."


"But you can just clean that up tomorrow, right?  I mean, we have company coming and you want the place to look nice.  Actually, I was just trying to freshen the place up.  Aquafresh smells so gooood!"


"Oh, and you noticed how I may have clean teeth but my face is still filthy from our ice cream treat tonight?  Lady. . . what do you expect?  Perfection?  I'm four."


"And you can't stay mad at someone who looks so darn cute wearing a beanie!"


"I'm forgiven. . . right?  Who loves ya, baby!?"


Toni said...

Too cute!!! Those brown eyes are gonna steal someones heart one day. I'd definitely have a hard time staying mad at this one =)

Christine #2 said...

Ahh, what a cutie pie!!

tif-do said...

Well I certianly don't look that cute in a beanie!!!

Jon said...

He is just too cute!

Margee' said...

He's too cute, Amie!

Heidi said...


Sher said...

yes, i agree, i love beanies on peeps! your kiddo looks so cute!

jinxi said...

hahahaa.. hilarious commentary!

Dahlene said...

What a cute boy!