Saturday, November 13, 2010

gratitude day 12, daddies, and the 3rd grade field trip

We picked this for Day 12. :)IMG_0283 IMG_0285

Cameron and Ethan made this totally cute note and put it under his pillow.


We had a pretty busy day (that you'll read about in a second) so we didn't do much for Dad until date night later on in the evening. He ate low-carb with me at Golden Corral (until it was time for dessert) and then we did some shopping. I bought him (well, we bought together, since our money is OURS not his or mine) a nice shirt and then later on continued date night with Season 4 of "How I Met Your Mother" on DVD. It was a nice evening with him.

What happened during the day? Well. . . this:


Cameron and I and 4 third-grade classes went to the Arizona Rock and Mineral Museum in downtown Phoenix.

IMG_0331 We've already discussed Cameron's inability to take a solid picture, right?


The bus ride was a tad loud, so I brought my own stuff to listen to.


Ya ever been there? It's not a huge building, but it packs a lot of stuff!


Here are the little people I was in charge of.

IMG_0340 We worked on a scavenger hunt for a while.


And got to see a lot of cool rocks.


This was our crazy tour guide who took her job way too seriously.



After the museum we walked to the park near the capitol building and had some lunch. It was kind of an exhausting day, but cool to spend time with Cameron and of course, we learned all sorts of things about nature in Arizona. :)


Christine said...

Looks like fun! And the 8th photo down is a great photo of Cameron!!!!!!!!!

Dahlene said...

Awwww! We are thankful for our Daddy too. Looks like a fun field trip.

leaner said...

I love that place. :)