Friday, January 21, 2011

a'camping we a'went

We didn't get to get out and camp much last year, between schedules, weather, baseball, basketball, flag football, and scouts we were just too busy to get away too much on weekends.

So last week, Ethan pipes up and says, "In 10 days, we're going to go camping!" And every day after that, his time frame adjusted accordingly.  In 9 days.  In 8 days, and so on.  Until last Wednesday he said "Tomorrow we go camping!" and we had to remind him that no, we had school.  And after that no, Dad had work.  And so on, until we actually came up with an overnight that worked.  We did just celebrate MLK day y'know?

Thusly, we drug brought our good friendly friends along with us and did a quick overnighter at the White Tanks.  {FYI, overnight camping is now $17.  I hate to be a cheapskate, but $17 for desert camping?  Are you serious?  Yes, yes, it's an actual campground and there are bathrooms, but it's still the stinkin' desert--not a pine tree or river in sight.  Oh well.}

I took over 270 pictures.  LOL!  Not because I had anything really worth shooting, but it was just so fun.  *in love with my camera*


We started out with a bit of cactus in one kiddo's leg.  (2 points if you can guess who it was--I mean, could it be anyone but him??)


01-17-11 Camping at White tanks.jpg

Then, some seriously crazy cute poses from Cavazos kids.  :)


01-17-11 Camping at White tanks2.jpg

Kids did some playing at the playground while we set up camp.  (We specifically chose our campsite because it was yards away from this play area.  Score.)



And I played with my camera some more.



Hello, Phoenix.



My night setting pics didn't turn out great, so I just used the flash and blinded everyone during dinner.  *grin*



James made carne asada to share.  I made hot dogs.  :)  If you ever get a chance to sample James' cooking, take that chance!


01-17-11 Camping at White tanks3.jpg

Next, some fun.  Out came the silly faces, the hot cocoa, the s'mores, and"Angry Bird" on the iPad (we were all pretty much instantly addicted).

We went to bed, and although some were freezing, it really was a pleasant night for our camping standards.  :)


IMG_1097Morning came and my chance to shoot some sunrise shots.



Is it bad to aim your lens directly at the sunlight?


01-17-11 Camping at White tanks4.jpg

Next up, some seriously goofy kids!



Love you too, buddy. 

Next up, breakfast.


IMG_1155Chorizo, eggs, poptarts, donuts, cereal, milk, and juice.  Serious yummage going on.


01-17-11 Camping at White tanks5.jpg

And back to the park for some more fun.  (that thing really hurt my bum)

Camping at White Tanks over MLK:  success! 

We had a busy busy day planned after that, including basketball practice for Cameron, a craigslist sale, studying for me, and visiting my brand new niece that I will hereafter regard as "Lizard" to protect the innocent.  Wish I could share pictures because she is cute cute cute!  Congrats to my Bro and Sis-in-law on their new addition and becoming parents for the first time!

And thanks Chris and James for roughing it with us!  :)


laurie said...

that photo of night settling down on phoenix is breath-taking!!! glad you had a fun weekend "roughing it" (it looks like you ate better than any of us in the city!) out in the desert.

Christine #2 said...

It was awesome! Thanks for the invite. You must share a picture with me sometime of Lizard. I heart baby pics. You are getting really good with that camera!

Dahlene said...

Arrrrghhhh! That makes me so sad. I want to go camping! If we went camping here right now we'd build snow huts to sleep in and have a hard time finding firewood to build a fire with so we wouldn't get frostbite. Wish we could have been there. I can hardly wait until it's warm enough to camp again.

Danny said...

I agree James is a great cook. Not quite the best(I married her)but very good. I tried to compliment him but it didn't come out exactly how I intended.

Emily said...

Your camera is amazing. I am so impressed with how you guys always go camping. I want to-yet it never happens. Maybe after I'm done having babies :)

wittygal said...

I have been thinking about camping at White Tanks or, and Estrella Mountain park. This helps my decision. It looks like a fun local get away. Thanks for posting!