Wednesday, April 6, 2011

temple square -- we were there

I've been several times over the years, Dan has been, but we've never been together, and neither have the kids.  So we made sure to visit Salt Lake City's Mormon Hub (smile) while in Utah over Spring Break.  Thanks to my Cuz for the tour.


This is the outside of the new tabernacle building, where General Conference is filmed that we watch twice a year.

IMG_2060It's such a huge building.  I don't remember all the stats our tour guide gave us, but something like a football field or two can fit inside this building.

IMG_2062 IMG_2066

The entire stand and all those pews can be removed so the remaining floor can be used as a stage.  The famous pulpit, built from one of President Hinckley's personal trees, remains, but goes down on a built in elevator!

(Interesting side note, I am editing this blog and these pictures on April 4th as we watch General Conference online.  It's so cool to show the kids the live view full of thousands and thousands of people and then flip back to the pictures above where we were standing in the same but completely empty room!)


I loved the few minutes we had to tour the building, look at art work, and read about church history.

IMG_2074 I was really touched by this painting.  This (and all the paintings I have included here) are the original artwork that can be seen in copies of the Book of Mormon all over the world.  This one is huge; I totally felt the Spirit while looking at it.


The artist of all these famous paintings had just recently passed away.  This is Helamen and the 2000 Stripling Warriors--one of my favorite stories in the BOM.


I had Sean stand in front of his favorite scripture story--coincidentally I had just read this story of Abinadi in my personal scripture study that morning.



Spring was definitely peeking around the corner!

IMG_2052 The Salt Lake temple is smack dab in the middle of the city, but you'd never know it from the carefully filmed clips we see before and after General Conference.



I love beautiful old buildings.  :)  This one's pretty awesome.  So much history!  If you've never seen "Mountain of the Lord" about the 40 year building of this amazing temple, you should check it out.  It's quite a story.

           IMG_2099 IMG_2124IMG_2107

Two of my kids, three of Deana's. 

 IMG_2116 IMG_2119 IMG_2120 

IMG_2137IMG_2128 IMG_2130This was such a fun day, probably my favorite of our quick trip.  (Which reminds me of how my favorite day from our Canada/New York vacation last spring break was the day we spent in Palmyra and at the Hill Cumorah site.)  I love church history! 


laurie said...

i have driven through SLC so many times but have never stopped and looked around. your pictures make me want to stop one of these days and spend some time there.

Delfina said...

That looks like a really nice place. I enjoy seeing all your pictures.

Deana :) said...

It was such a fun day, wasn't it? I sometimes take for granted that I've spent countless hours over dozens of trips to Temple Square. But, my kids haven't been all that often. They have been to see the Christmas lights, but it is much different being there in the daytime with a lot less people meandering around. They definitely enjoyed seeing the conference center on TV last weekend, knowing they had just been there. Thanks again for coming up, Cuz! Love ya tons! :)

Jenna said...

I always love spending time on temple square, just an amazing part of our history!

wittygal said...

The pictures and spirit of this post was awesome. We have been to Temple Square once. I love it! I wonder if I can talk my sister in law into going after Women's Conference. Thanks for the inspiration.