Sunday, July 15, 2012

more junk from cameron's room sale


Lots of them!!

These are the Imaginext dinos that walk and make noise. They're pretty cool, but they're used so they don't work as well as they once did.

The blue one works best $4
The red one is tempermental $3
The green one doesn't seem to work $1

The collection of over 40 dinosaurs.

He wants $10; all bartering/bargaining must be done through Cameron. :)

We are also giving away this FREE HP Photosmart printer/scanner/color copier. A good printer when it works. Half the time, it doesn't. (It has some kind of spooling issue? Will sometimes start printing a page, pause at 25% through, spit out the page and repeat...then it'll go a month without doing it again) Have power cord but not USB. It is also completely out of black and color ink. Cartridges are around $24 at Wal-mart.

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Anonymous said...

Remember you can list stuff free on eBay, you never know who's looking for what.......