Friday, September 14, 2012

so, what, 37 and automatically all hormonal??

What the heck, hormones, lay off, would ya?

Spent half the day just under the 'tears' setting, then had the full blown waterworks when a misunderstanding came to light with a friend. Got that all cleared up, but it's had me all emotional since.

Then, sat down with a trainer at the gym for the obligatory let's-see-how-screwed-up-your-body-is consultation and had to fight back the tears the whole session. My numbers suck. I guess the good thing is, I don't see those numbers when I look in the mirror (reverse anorexia?), although I do when I try to zip up my pants. :p

Snippy with my husband, short with my kids, welling up as I type this.

Feel like I need a do-over!


Jennifer ♥ said...

Probably just a lot of stress. Do something fun that you know will make you happy - bubble bath maybe?

laurie said...

oh, honey, i saw you today and you looked great! i didn't realize it was your birthday - i hope you celebrated in some fun way(s). getting old(er) is hard and liberating, take it from me. life gives and takes in its own time. :-) have a great weekend.

Deana :) said...

Just so's you know...I think you are gorgeous! And, 37 isn't all that bad. ;) All that you're working on is worth it and will be over before you know it. Love ya, Cuz!

Anonymous said...

AAAAAAAhhhhhhh I remember when I too was a hormonal 37 year old woman.....