Friday, December 28, 2012

merry christmas from the haroldsens


'S about as good as we get!  :)

IMG_9989 Just for posterity sake, what our Christmas morning looked like before the festivities began.  Then we read Luke II, ate a lovely breakfast of orange cranberry cinnamon rolls (to die for, ya'll), and then dug in.


My cuties, Sean 13, Cameron 10, Ethan 8.

For the record, yes, Cameron owns nicer pants.  He just doesn't care about what he looks like.  Ever. 

Christmas was lovely with lots of surprises and lots of needs and others taken straight from our lists.  :)

12-25-12 Christmas.jpg

Ethan got mostly work-out gear--a large exercise ball, an exercise video, weights, his favorite kind of shorts, several wii/DS games, a new comforter to replace his 11 year old Blues Clues comforter "I love it so much!!!!!" he yelled as he snuggled his new comforter, pictured bottom right, and from Santa, a much needed new bike!

 12-25-12 Christmas1.jpg

Cameron got legos as usual, a new lamp, awesome 25-mile walkie-talkies, building kits, games, and what he requested most:  money.  He's saving up for some kid of electronic doodad. 

12-25-12 Christmas2..jpg

I didn't get too many pictures of Sean, but his gifts consisted of several wii/DS games, candy, clarinet reeds, clothes, money, and a wii fit balance board.  What Santa really wanted to bring him was a hair cut.  :p

12-25-12 Christmas4.jpg

I got several things on my list, Zumba for the wii, bath stuff (bubble bath, pillow, bath-reading caddy), $ and giftcards for some home improvement projects, coupons from Cameron, and my favorite gift, this RN pendant Dan had made for me, complete with my birthstone.  *love* !

12-25-12 Christmas5.jpg

Dan got lures and seats for the boat, some parts for the truck, a firepit, restaurant gift cards, and this that and the other.  :)  I'm excited to use his restaurant giftcards!  :)

It was a really great low-key morning, then we spent the rest of the day at Dan's mom's house for a gift exchange with brothers and sisters, aunts and uncles and cousins over there.  We ate soooo good, the kids played with sparklers, and we all received more gifts.  Such a fun night!

What a lovely Christmas season it's been, and aside from all the presents and lights and gift-giving, I think we've been able to keep in mind the real reason for the season and remember the birth of our Savior at this special time of year.  I'm so grateful to have this crazy bunch of boys/men to spend my life with.


Brianna said...

How fun!!! :)

laurie said...

i'm glad you had such a wonderful holiday, with plenty of food, gifts and family togetherness! i can't believe how quickly winter break is going by - wooooosh!